This unique bilingual criminal defense tool is giving unprecedented assistance to accused persons (both adults in felony cases and juveniles in delinquency cases).  And it is also affording them the chance to review their lives and make constructive changes in their circumstances. can be an invaluable aid from the beginning of cases even to the time that defendants are serving sentences and possibly qualifying for parole or sentence modifications.

Some explanatory articles and attorney reviews are copied here.

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  4. The Constitutional Case for Incarcerated Persons’ Access to
  5. Some of’s Compelling Benefits for the Criminal Justice System

* "For many years I’ve emphasized both in my own work and in my CLE presentations the primacy of getting to know clients.  Since discovering just how much more Defense Maps prompt clients to discover and disclose about themselves, getting these Maps is what I tell colleagues about first.  We could speculate for years (and probably will) on why clients reveal so much more when answering alone.  I even have a blog post about this on my website.  But the simple truth is, they unquestionably do.  I hope we’ll all try this free tool, make it standard with all clients on release, and then start demanding that jails and prisons make it available."  —Doug Passon, Scottsdale, AZ

* "These Maps are simply incredible.  They so radically expand the chance to know and personalize clients, our office gets them whenever clients have access to a computer or smartphone.  (And we can only hope incarcerated clients will soon have the chance to create their Maps.) Not only do clients share far more when answering in private, but the Maps ingeniously screen and organize the results into something we can put to overpowering use in minutes.  Even the client reactions are astounding: Often the first thing they want to do is say how thankful they are for our having them do this work, and most start zealously addressing issues their Maps have disclosed in their lives."  —Paul Saputo, Dallas, TX

* “Today I wouldn’t handle any serious case without getting a Defense Map.  These Maps don’t just allow clients to share much more information than interviews alone.  They organize and screen that [expanded] information.  And they prompt clients to feel they’ve become part of the defense team.  I've never had a client fail to thank me for sending them to do this work.  I hope all my colleagues will try at least one Map—and then they’ll see.” —Jeff Kimmell, South Bend, IN   2½-minute Kimmell interview