How We Work

For a small self-funded family charity, we’ve probably ventured into too many projects.  But we’ve enjoyed thinking we can put our prior careers in social work and criminal defense law to good use in some targeted areas where we think the public is poorly served.

So, for example, with our interest in the needs of children and families in divorce and separation crisis, we built and now maintain, a free bilingual tool for co-parents to build peace and cooperation by focusing on their children’s best interests.

And with our concern about the commonly underserved needs of people charged with crimes or serving excessive sentences, we built and now maintain, a free bilingual tool helping these people to survey and communicate more thoroughly about the special issues in their lives.

Recently we joined retired Judge Michael Scopelitis in starting the Earning Another Look program to afford inmates with outstanding institutional records and proven histories of self-improvement the assistance of counsel in seeking modification of their sentences.

More information on our principles and projects is available on the links at the bottom of this page.