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Freedom 22 has been fortunate to partner with a wide variety of people and organizations.

Freedom 22 has been fortunate to partner with a wide variety of people and organizations.  Here are some of our current collaborations.

  • We’re working with our web development team, several volunteers, and (most important) some forward-looking staff at the St. Joseph County Police Department in South Bend, Indiana to experiment with placing laptops in the St. Joseph County Jail for inmates to complete their Defense Maps. The dual hope is that this opportunity will both (1) serve the cause of fairer handling of criminal cases and (2) enable charged persons to examine their lives, cases, and opportunities for self-improvement during and following their detention.  We're especially grateful to the jail warden Maj. Julie Lawson, Sheriff William Redman, and counsel Troy Warner for their concern for inmates and openness to this idea.
  • We’ve teamed with retired Judge Michael Scopelitis to offer the Earning Another Look (EAL) at four prisons in Indiana. Our state has about 30,000 adult inmates serving felony sentences, many of them quite lengthy.  Indiana doesn’t have a traditional discretionary parole apparatus, so this chance for inmates to work hard on addressing personal issues and improving their lives and chances on the outside may represent a new incentive for rehabilitation.
  • In a project far outside the mainstream of our past work, we’ve joined a number of experts from law enforcement, medicine, economics, and public policy to create a documentary favoring the repeal of America’s War on Drugs. We’re the producers.  (Yeah, we know, weird beyond words.)  We hope the film and its accompanying website will be ready for release by September 2021.  The working title is, After Prohibition: How Repealing the War on Drugs Will Help America.