Our Principles

Freedom 22 chooses its projects after consideration of not only the needs or injustices involved but also the special experience and skillsets of Freedom 22 and its partners.

Freedom 22 is fortunate to have had the partnership of outstanding consultants and developers in web design and development, English-Spanish translation, law, psychology, social work, and more.

Preference is given to program possibilities with the following features.

  1. A core of dedicated stakeholders willing to study an issue, propose and test solutions, and work for the bet implementation and success possible.

  2. The fullest possible buy-in by people and organizations connected to an issue.

  3. Service to people willing to work to take maximum advantage of the opportunities Freedom 22 tries to be part of developing—and to take responsibility for the results they create for themselves.

  4. When possible, a minimum of reliance on deferral to government or excessively bureaucratic mechanisms.